The benefits of cyber essentials

Cyber essentials a Government backed scheme will help your company protect itself from the ever increasing cyber attacks. The threat of Cyber attacks is increasing week on week and with the arrival of GDPR your responsibilities have changed making your business more accountable.

Major breaches with companies like Talk Talk, Dixons, Yahoo and more recently Barclaycard are receiving a lot of publicity which is having a negative affect on their reputation. But for the smaller companies a breach can have a direct effect on their bottom line.

The UK Government has a policy paper in place with the aim of making the UK the safest place in the world for working online and one element of this strategy is Cyber Essentials giving UK businesses the ability to put in place essential controls for their IT security.

There are several layers of certification within the scheme which allows you a simple entry level of self assessment or the Cyber Essentials Plus which takes a more rigorous approach and the verification is carried out independently by your Certification Body. Some organisations need professional guidance to identify areas where they may have security issues. At Fidget we can take you through the process, identify the potential breaches or issues and help you with the certification.

You can read more about the scheme here and if you would like us to come out and talk to you about how we can help why not give us a call on 01494 448 252

The benefits of cyber essentials
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