About Us

With over 30 years in the IT world you can tell we love tech! Saving your IT systems from dastardly demons is our business. Protecting your networks and providing you with honest, clear advice.

Based in the heart of Buckinghamshire we work alongside businesses in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Ahead of its time we started in 1984 as a computer shop before computers were mainstream and we’re still ahead today. 

Meet our IT crusaders, fighting evil wherever they find it. You could pass them in your high street never knowing their true identity. Why not book a Free IT Audit today?

Our Team

Fidget IT team Neil
Neil Allen
Fidget IT team John
John Hall
Fidget IT team Callum
Callum McDonagh
Fidget IT team Rod
Rod Hewitt
Fidget IT team Alex
Alex Hughes
Fidget IT team Cheryl
Cheryl King
Fidget IT team Linda
Linda Butler
Fidget IT team dog
Office Pet

Our Approach

We deliver high quality, professional IT services faster than a speeding bullet. Our approach is to take the tech out of IT for you and no matter what guise evil lurks in your IT world, when it strikes we’ll be there ready and equipped to fight it. 

We provide tailored solutions to fit your business whether it’s a simple IT support service or the outsourcing of your entire IT needs, we have a dedicated technical support team at your disposal.

We continually invest in research and development by trialling and testing new technologies, pre-release software and experimental hardware on our systems first. We’ll blow ourselves up so you don’t have to which means our advice comes from testing and experience.

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