Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology or Cloud Computing is the use of computing services that are delivered over the internet either using public communications or your own private network in the cloud. 

Business needs are changing and Cloud Computing allows you the freedom to work wherever you want whenever you want. It improves your business’s productivity enabling staff to quickly and securely access documents and data in the office or remotely.

It’s really simple to use. You can access the network using the internet, rather than locally on a hard drive or server.  

Why you might need us

  • You have multiple locations or your employees work remotely. You can access your files from anywhere on any device.
  • Flexibility.  You can add more storage and memory as your needs change.
  • Costs are lower as you only pay for what you use. No large up front costs for servers and PC’s or other hardware costs.
  •  Hybrid setup, cloud and on premise accessible and highly resilient. 
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