The benefits of Cloud Technology

As more and more businesses start to move away from maintaining servers to Cloud Technology or Cloud Computing what are the real benefits?

Saves You Money

A significant advantage of cloud computing is the IT operational cost savings. Using remote servers removes the need for in-house storage equipment and application requirements, as well as overhead costs such as software updates, management and data storage.

Cloud-based services are also much cheaper to use allowing businesses to rent exactly what they need a plus for small and medium-sized businesses with limited budgets.

Environmentally Friendly

Cloud computing needs less physical hardware which means less resources used. Using a pay-per-use virtual environment for data storage and running web applications means less energy consumption and carbon emissions in the workplace.

Improved Collaboration

Cloud computing increases collaboration between groups and communities as it allows your team to edit files in real time and access them from different locations. They can be anywhere in the world and still work together.

Scalability & Perfomance

Cloud Technology is designed to meet business’s changing IT needs. As a company grows the storage and bandwidth can be scaled up and down as required.

Good Security

Cloud Technology offers good security. You never have to worry about losing critical data and business applications because of a natural disaster or full-on computer meltdown.

Some providers back up data to additional remote servers so there will be no data loss. Cloud providers also perform regular security audits making it airtight and your sensitive information is kept safe.

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The benefits of Cloud Technology
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