Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions answered in a flash. Read our FAQ’s and see how we can help your business. 

Whatever level of support you need. If in doubt why not book a Free IT audit and we can sit down and work out what you need?

Most people are using cloud right now, virtually all emails travel from one server to another across private and public communications, that is cloud computing.

Accessing your files and other applications in the same way as emails is becoming more and more popular, no initial outlay, no Hardware failure almost instant restore in the event of corruption are just some of the benefits.

We can tailor your support for what is required, from just monitoring the “crown jewels” to a fully managed system.

Our warm spare backup servers can get you up and running within minutes without us arriving onsite, as we keep spare equipment within Fidget primed and ready to go we’ll be loading the Fidget van and on our way like a speeding bullet. 

We pride ourselves on getting to know your team and as you  get to know ours you’ll find we are a friendly bunch.

By phone, email, text, web portal, application on your computer – however you feel comfortable.

We supply all forms of IT Hardware from network cards to complete server systems and everything in between.

Pro-active maintenance is key to a smooth-running system, spotting drive failures before they happen, making sure updates are performed outside normal working hours to keep disruption to a minimum.

We can backup you server multiple times a day and then send that to a secure cloud location straight away minimising data loss if any at all.

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